N-02 Collection

The N-02 collection is a collection that bring to life the lightness and playfulness of a breezy afternoon tea session using all earthy solid materials in a modern yet elegant way- wood for the pagoda box inspired furnitures, with ceramic tea set and pendants inspired by Mono-ha movement. (もの派) The furniture is inspired by the ancient curio box, that allows you to flip, to turn, to pull, to take apart, to reform, but the most importantly allowing you to discover and imagine. Hidden spaces in the the stools contains our nature-like inspired tablewares - the texture imitates the grain on gravels. This is a collection of interdependency between our hardheaded materials and the gentle use of colour, creating a breath of calm and delightfulness. Now sit down, have a slice of cake and cup of tea and enjoy the sense of breeze, ray of sunshine, trees, gravels, the flora and fauna.