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Ten variations on three wooden shapes (a circle, a square, and a rectangle) comprise Yellow Nose Studio’s INDERGARTEN series. Its guiding concept is grounded in the childhood imagination, through which new geometries and architectural structures and emerge from the simple stacking of building blocks. This process of creation nods to the philosophy of Friedrich Froebel, who in 1840 created the first kindergarten for young children – a term that literally translates as a ‘children’s garden’, denoting a piece of land offering opportunities for exploration and observation in harmony with nature.

As a landscape intended to bridge the conceptual and the tangible, INDERGARTEN
proposes a new interpretation of this notion, centred around a collection of N05 stone vases. Returning to the ritual of picking up a pen and scribbling on stones collected during their travels, Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung have replaced figurative forms with abstract ones, and applied hand gestures to imprint the clay with various textures. Viewers are invited to enter the INDERGARTEN guided by the curiosity of their inner child.

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